PLOWZ VIP service will send a local, insured PLOWZ provider automatically whenever it snows in your area.

Just choose when you want us to send a plow truck, and the maximum number of times you would like us to send a plow truck in a 24 hour period.

The PLOWZ VIP service is $9.99 per month. The card on file will be automatically charged $9.99 on the day you sign up. The charge for each PLOWZ service will be based on the driveway information you have chosen

Yes. You can cancel your PLOWZ VIP service before you are billed each month, and you will not be charged for the next month. If you cancel the PLOWZ VIP service, the service will end effective immediately, and no more PLOWZ services will placed automatically for you. There is no cancellation fee, however, the subscription fee for the current month will not be refunded.

Yes. You can pause your PLOWZ VIP service if you would like to stop the PLOWZ services from being automatically placed for a time period. During the period of time that your service is paused, you can still place an on-demand PLOWZ service as needed, but no automatic orders will be placed.

With the help of technology from Dark Sky, “the most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information” we can tell how much snow is falling in your driveway. All you have to do is choose whether you want us to plow after 4” or 6”. We will notify you when the service is about to be ordered, update your plow truck’s ETA, and then notify you again when the driveway has been cleared.

You choose the maximum number of times a plow truck will remove the snow in a 24-hour period. If you choose twice, we’ll send a plow truck once 4” has fallen, then we will send a second plow truck once another 4” has fallen, starting after the time the first plow was completed. If an additional 4” falls after the limit you set has been reached, a PLOWZ service will not automatically be ordered; you will have to manually place a new order or adjust your Auto Plowz settings.

As the snowfall in your area nears 4” or 6”, our app will start contacting local providers. Once the 4” or 6” depth is met, your order will be placed and our providers will start giving you real-time ETAs so you can track the progress of your PLOWZ service. Your PLOWZ VIP service will automatically be routed to the closest 5 star provider, and given priority over one-time, on-demand services.

There is no way to guarantee a completion time, as weather and traffic conditions will vary greatly for each customer and service. We will have providers ready to plow as soon as the snow gets closed to your chosen depth. If you choose the 4” option, we’ll have your driveway cleared shortly after the 4” has fallen, which should allow you to get in and out of your driveway at all times.


A PLOWZ service includes a local, insured professional plow truck driver plowing your driveway.

We offer shoveling services for walkways as an add-on service for PLOWZ services. The provider will shovel the specified walkways after they plow the driveway. We do not offer any shoveling services for sidewalks.

We do not currently offer any salting services.

All providers using the PLOWZ & MOWZ app have applied and shown proof of general liability insurance. We constantly check the quality of work done through the PLOWZ & MOWZ app and will remove providers that do not meet minimum quality standards.

Yes. If you driveway is not staked, PLOWZ & MOWZ or the provider completing the snow plow will not be held liable for any damage done to your lawn or any other property.

Once the service has been completed, you will be notified and a photo of the completed service will appear in your app.

When you place an order, a hold will be placed on your card for the amount of the service. Once the service has been completed, that charge will be finalized.

Yes, however there will be a cancellation fee if your order has already been assigned to a provider.