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Take a little stress out of the Holiday Season. Have a beautiful, freshly cut tree delivered right to your front door from one of our trusted, local providers.

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Types of Trees We Offer

Douglas Fir

Pyramid shaped, with turned up branches. Fragrant with blue-green needles with densly packed branches. Good needle retention and a tree lover’s choice.

Fraser Fir

Pyramid shaped, with turned up branches. Fragrant and grows with good form. Slightly softer needles with good needle retention.

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We’re offering two types of farm fresh trees this season: Douglas Fir & Fraiser Fir. 

They come in three different size ranges: 5–6 feet, 6-7 feet & 7-8 feet.

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We’re shipping out starting November 26th and going until the trees are gone! Get on the list while they’re at their freshest.

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One of our trusted, local providers will bring a tree to right to your front door. The tree will come freshly cut and wrapped from a local farm.

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